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Digital Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

Parameter:Ammonia Nitrogen
Accuracy:± 5% or ± 0.2 mg/L
Resolution:0.01 mg/L
Stability:± 5% or 0.2 mg/L
Response Time:-
Working Life:pH and ion sensor: 6 - 12 months according to water qualtiy
Recommend Calibration Period:1 - 3 months
Calibration Buffer:1, 5, 10 ppm according to range
Replacement Parts:pH sensor, Ammonia Sensor, (K+ Sensor)
How to maintain:1) Regular maintenance, weekly on-site inspection and cleaning. Calibration once a month. Replace the electrolyte every three months, and replace the membrane every six months.
2) The electrode membrane head cannot be touched with hands, and cannot be cleaned with alcohol. It can only be rinsed with clean water or wiped gently with a soft tissue or dust-free cloth.
3) It cannot be inverted during measurement. If it is upside down, it must be shaken vertically downwards normally.
4) The depth should not exceed 10 meters, exceeding may cause damage or abnormal sensor.
5) The electrode cap replacement interval is about 0.5 years, and the electrolyte replacement interval is about 3-6 months,Electrolyte storage time is about 2 years.
6) Do not measure the electrode under strong light.
7) If the ion exchange membrane of the electrode has been severely contaminated, it must be replaced without considering the maintenance cycle.
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