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Optical DO Sensor

DO Sensor

Parameter:Optical DO
Accuracy:± 3% or 0.3 mg/L
Resolution:0.01 mg/L
Stability:± 0.3 mg/L
Response Time:-
Working Life:2 - 5 years according to water qualtiy
Recommend Calibration Period:3 - 6 months
Calibration Buffer:Air
Replacement Parts:Membrane
How to maintain:1) Clean the outer surface of the sensor with water stream.
2) If there are still debris remaining, please wipe it with a damp soft cloth.
3) Do not place the sensor in direct sunlight or a place that can be irradiated by radiation.
4) During the entire service life of the sensor, if the total exposure time to sunlight reaches one hour, it will cause the aging of the fluorescent cap, which will cause errors in the fluorescent cap and display erroneous readings.
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